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Seattle Golden Gardens Engagement Photography

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Engagement Photo Shoot at Golden Gardens Beach – by Joanna Monger Photography – Seattle & Snohomish Wedding Photographer

It was a very blustery spring day in Spring and to be honest I was rather glad to be the one in trousers and not a pretty dress. There were no complaints from Jacinda though as we braved the beach in Seattle for an hour or so of engagement photographs. Tony and Jacinda are a sweet couple and talked excitedly about their upcoming plans to visit China. Although Tony was definitely a bit hesitant to have his picture taken to start with he quickly loosened up and released it wasn’t so bad after all.

I asked Tony and Jacinda some questions so that we can find out a little more about them. They didn’t see each  other’s responses until now. Here they are:

Tell me something about when you first met?

Tony: It was winter when Jacinda and I first met. She worked at my  neighborhood forza  and six inches of snow was on the ground. No one was on the roads that day, so I picked up a couple of check out line magazines at the grocery and kept her company.

Jacinda: We met on a snowy, icy day in 2008. I was working a second job at a coffee shop at the time and business was slow because of the weather. Tony was so sweet. He lived close by and surprised me by stopping in later that same day to give me three recently purchased magazines to keep me occupied during my long shift. He was even thoughtful enough to make sure each magazine covered a different topic- music, fitness, and celebrity gossip. I knew right away that he was special.

What’s you favorite thing about your fiancé(e)?

Tony: My favorite thing about Jacinda is her willingness to bust out into dance when a song comes on the radio.

Jacinda: He’s extremely selfless. He’ is always trying to make sure  everyone around him feels acknowledged and unique by striking up a conversation, saying hello to strangers, making a joke, complimenting someone, or going out of his way for someone somehow.

What are you most excited about for the future with fiancé(e)??

Tony:  Starting a family.

Jacinda: I’m excited to travel abroad and learn about different cultures with him by my side. I’m also really looking forward to starting our own family. He’s so loving, understanding, and supportive of his 7 year-old niece that I know he’ll be an amazing and dedicated dad.

Give me three words to describe fiancé(e)??

Tony: Loving, detailed and grounded

Jacinda: He’s sincere, loyal, and patient.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Tony: Going on trips to new places and searching for that off the beaten path secret.

Jacinda: I love exercising together, especially if it involves being outdoors and exploring nature. Whether  it’s running, hiking, biking, kayaking, weight lifting, or walking the dog, it’s always more fun and  relaxing with Tony as my company.


I hope you like looking at a selection of pictures from their Golden Gardens Spring Beach Engagement Shoot. Feel free to leave them a note in the comments below…

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  1. Melissa says:

    What great pictures despite the wind! Love the little Q&A how sweet. So happy for the two of them. Love you guys.

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