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Seattle Engagement Photos – Seattle Wheel and Scuplture Park

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Seattle Wheel & Myrtle Edwards Park Engagement Photographs – by Joanna Monger Photography – Snohomish & Seattle Wedding Photographer


Amy & Reece are not the typical gushy gushy couple and I love that about them. They love to laugh with each other, drink beer and eat food, no wonder we got on so well 🙂

Amy & Reece live and work in Seattle so we decided to do their engagement shoot downtown. I normally do most of my engagement shoots at the beach or in more of a rural setting so this was a nice change of pace. We wandered around downtown finding lots of great photo opportunities. Reece proposed to Amy on the Seattle Wheel at the beginning of the year so we made sure to stop by there for a few photographs. We walked by Seattle Sculpture Park and ended up by the beach at Edwards Myrtle Park for sunset. It was a nice evening and even though having engagement photographs taken wasn’t high on Reece’s to do list, he was very patient and I think even he realized it wasn’t THAT bad – after all him and Amy got to do a lot of kissing 😉

I asked Amy and Reece a few questions so we that we can all get to know them a little better:

Tell me something about when you first met?

Amy: We met through mutual friends at a party, sort of a double date if you will. Even though we went to the same school and it was pretty small, we had never really known each other or talked. He was pretty shy and didn’t really seem to like me all that much at first haha but he really warmed up after going out a couple times 🙂

Reece: Amy pretty much covered when we first met so how about our first date? It was a disaster. On our way to the movie theater I was pulled over for speeding. When we got to the theater, I could not buy a ticket because I forgot my ID (the cop was not happy about this)  and I apparently look too young for a rated R movie. We rented a movie, and went home. The point is, thru all of this she was laughing and didnt make me feel embarrassed at all.

What’s you favorite thing about your fiancé(e)?

Amy: Definitely his sense of humor. We spend a lot of time laughing at stupid little things and I love it so much. He can always cheer me up by being funny. It’s also a really big deal if I can make HIM laugh so I’m always trying haha.

Reece: Her smile and her VERY positive attitude. She always knows how to cheer me up and motivate me if im feeling a little down.

What are you most excited about for the future with fiancé(e)??

Amy: Doing some traveling together just us and, farther in the future, having babies!

Reece: The tax breaks of marriage. Also, having kids and getting more tax breaks. Then of course growing old together and getting the senior discount when we go out to eat.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Amy: Honestly, eating yummy food and drinking beer is one of our favorite pastimes. Embarrassing, but so true!

Reece: Probably going out to eat haha. More specifically a burger and a beer! Doesn’t really matter where as long as we are together. And theres either football, basketball or baseball on tv. Or SportsCenter. But mostly the Amy part!

Aww!! Amy & Reece are just perfect for each other and I am honored to photograph their wedding next year, it’s going to be a blast! I hope you enjoy looking  at a selection of their engagement photographs. Feel free to leave them a note in the comments below.

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  1. Joan C. Longstreth says:

    Dear Amy and Reece,

    I am so happy for you. You are a beautiful engaged couple and you belong to me, too. What a special time together for both of you. Reece was very considerate to agree to the photo shoot. Can you imagine Grandpa Cal being willing to participate in engagement pictures? You are perfect for each other. You will have a very special future. I love both of you. Grandma Joan

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