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Edmonds Beach Engagement Photos – J&T

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Edmonds Beach Engagement Photography by Joanna Monger Photography – Snohomish & Seattle Wedding Photographer

We spent a lovely evening at Edmonds Beach for Troy and Jenifer’s engagement photos. These two are a lot of fun and are clearly head over heels for each other.

I’m excited and honored to be documenting their wedding day for them this summer. Troy knows a thing or two about weddings as he is a MC and DJ in and around Seattle and if you were wondering about that fabulous ring, Troy’s brother made that! Im in love with it.

Troy and Jenifer answered a few questions so that we can get to know them a little better. They didn’t see each other’s responses until now…

Tell me something about when you first met?

Jenifer: We met at Eat, Run, Hope 5K for Fetal Health at Seward Park in Seattle. My company was a corporate sponsor for the event and Troy was the MC. My booth was positioned right next to the DJ booth. Even though I could not make eye contact with Troy, he had me laughing and smiling the entire day. I hired him to MC a non-profit event with Seattle Children’s Hospital & Hydrocephalus Association and all this time time I thought he was married and that his flirtatious demeanor was all just part of his entertainment act!

Troy: I looked over at the vendor booth beside me and saw a smile that could illuminate the entire park we were at… As soon as I saw that, I knew she was the one… Although she didnt want anything to do with me… I kept trying to make her laugh and break through with no avail, at least I thought…

What’s you favorite thing about your fiancé(e)?

Jenifer: I love everything about Troy, but most of all his HUGE heart. He is incredibly giving, loving and passionate. His positive energy is infectious. He lives each day to the fullest and enjoys making those around him smile. I love witnessing the joy he brings to others and appreciate how much he genuinely cares about everyone who enters his life. He showers me with unconditional love and affection and makes me feel beautiful and lovely every single day.

Troy: WOW… there are so many… I love her thoughtfulness! She is the most thoughtful & kind person in the entire world!! I love the fact that we have more fun together doing EVERYTHING… There is no where I would rather be, than with her. I love how naive she is… She is so TRULY GOOD.. Like Halo Good that it is really easy to “get her” with some fun stuff that goes right over her head… I love her unparallelle drive! I love her Genuineness! I love how great of a MOM she is! I love her compassion! I love that I am dating someone from the 1920’s! I love her resolve & fight…. I love her Lips, her Butt, her hair, her stubby toes & hands… EVERYTHING!!

What are you most excited about for the future with fiancé(e)??

Jenifer: Everything! I’m excited to continue our journey, sharing our lives, watching our children grow and traveling together. It makes me smile knowing we will have each other to grow old gracefully with.

Troy: I am so excited to travel with her & see the world… I am so excited to create success in business as a team… I am so excited to strengthen our bond even more than it already is.. I am excited to grow old with her even if she’s already 80!

Give me three words to describe fiancé(e)??

Jenifer: FUN, colorful, transcedent.

Troy:  Thoughtful, Genuine, Beautiful, Driven, AWESOME (<apparanntly Troy can’t count -lol)

I hope you enjoy looking at a few of their pictures from their engagement shoot. Feel free to leave them a note in the comments below.

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  1. emily crum says:

    Jennifer, I am so happy for you! Troy is very lucky to have you and your beautiful family. Congrats!

  2. Ranya says:

    lovely session, those shots on the log are great and that ring shot is just amazing !!

  3. Cody Lowery says:

    Love this location! These photos are beautiful that ring shot is perfection!

  4. Melissa A says:

    What a gorgeous engagement session! her ring is AMAZING!!!

  5. Lolography says:

    Beautiful couple! I loved reading more about them! The ring is amazing!!

  6. Emily says:

    Way to work that midday sun!! And I’m in love with her ring – wow!! Gorgeous set, Joanna!!

  7. Great job! I love the location and that awesome tree – and I really love that you include an interview with the couple!

  8. Larianne says:

    Such a sweet couple! Love that ring shot 🙂

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