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Seattle Engagement Photo Shoot – Golden Gardens

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Golden Gardens, Seattle Engagement Photography Session by Joanna Monger – Snohomish & Seattle Wedding Photographer


So here it is part two of Sarah and Korey’s Seattle engagement session blog post. If you missed part one – shame on you 😉 You can catch up here > Sarah – Seattle head shots.

Sarah and Korey let me pick the location for their engagement shoot and I decided on one of my favorite spots in Seattle – Golden Gardens Park. It is a perfect location for an engagement session or for family photographs. If you live in the Seattle area and you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend you do, it’s a lovely spot for a nice beach walk or you can have a bbq among the sand dunes as the sun sets over the water.

Sarah and Korey are perfect together and such a joy to photograph. Such, kind and honest people, I just know they are going to be so happy together. I asked both Sarah and Korey a few questions about each other so we could get to know them a bit better. By the way neither of them saw what the other wrote. I think their answers are pretty special and it shows how perfectly suited they are for each other!! (If you are a bit of a softy grab a tissue, because these two are pretty sweet!)

Q. Tell me a little something about when you first met.

Korey: Sarah and I went to the same middle school (6th – 8th grade). We were not in the same classroom, but our rooms were back-to-back. So naturally, I noticed Sarah immediately starting school that year. Lucky for me… my best man, Charlie, had known her since elementary school and was in the same class as her. So I was able to have him introduce us!

Sarah: We were in the sixth grade! I remember seeing him across the classroom, and it was love at first sight for me! We became “boyfriend and girlfriend” after a game of spin the bottle in the basement of one of our friend’s house who is now Korey’s best man. We ended up going to different high schools and different colleges, but one text sent by him brought us back together 10 years later 🙂

Q. What’s you favorite thing about your fiancé(e)?

Korey: Sarah is the most caring person I have ever met. With both family and friends, she will always think of others and their well-being before herself. Also… even though this may be something I should be worried about… her love for cats is something that I find very cute and genuine.

Sarah: That is so hard to pick!! It would have to be his happy disposition and his passion for his career. He is always so happy-go-lucky and being around that can bring me out of any mood I might be in! I also love seeing how serious he takes his job. He is such a hard worker, and it is inspiring to get to see that every day. And ok, one last thing……that he loves animals (especially cats) as much as I do!

Q. Give me three words to describe your fiancé(e)?

Korey: She is intelligent compassionate beautiful.

Sarah: He is caring, sweet, and patient.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do together?

Korey: My favorite thing to do together is to go on a walk. We get to spend quality time together and talk about us and our future. Also, if we are lucky… we encounter a few friendly neighborhood cats along the way!

Sarah: We love to spend time with each other’s families together. Whether it is a low key night watching movies with my parents or going out to a bar with his parents, we always enjoy time with each of them. I am lucky I have someone who enjoys it as much as I do!

Q. What are you most excited about for the future together?

Korey: I am most excited to start a family with Sarah! We each have very strong bonds with our individual families, as well as each others families. I am very excited to have all of them in our lives as we begin our own family.

Sarah: I cannot wait to raise a family with Korey. He is the only person I would ever want by my side navigating the trials and triumphs of parenthood. Korey is such a great partner, and I can’t wait for everything that is to come!

Awww, sniff sniff. Enjoy a selection of photos from their Seattle engagement shoot and feel free to leave them a note in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

If you or someone you know has just got engaged – let’s get together and talk about your own photographs. Call me a big softy but I just love photographing people in love 🙂

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  1. Monique says:

    Such a cute couple! Absolutely love this location you’re so lucky. Beautiful images!

  2. I love this session – and I really LOVE that you do an interview with the couple and post it. I’ve never seen a photographer do that before and it’s a really cool way to get an idea of who they are as a couple! Kudos!

  3. These area all absolutely adorable!!! I love how comfortable and relaxed they look. Amazing job with the light!

  4. Really love that park – these images are so beautiful! What a sweet couple!

  5. Arica says:

    I love your interview idea! A great way to get to know your couples and share their story. The images are delightful. I found myself going through them slowly and enjoying each one.

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