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I just love photographing families in their own space during their day-to-day life in a photo journalistic style. Little ones tend to be much more comfortable and at ease in their own surroundings and it makes my job easier to get real authentic moments, which in my opinion is what my job is all about. Yes, a few posed pictures where everyone is looking at the camera can be nice but it doesn’t really show your children’s true personalities. Documenting them playing, reading, eating, jumping, singing or whatever milestones they are working on, are the things us parents want to hold onto forever. I know I personally never want to forget how my little baby looks as he peers out at me with his blue eyes over the edge of the crib waiting for me to pick him up or how my preschooler snuggles to sleep with his new kitten. It’s these fleeting moments that are the most precious for us to remember and why I love my job as a photographer so much.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images I made for the Condiotty family. They are a special bunch. From my short time with the Condiotty family I learnt that baby Anna is a sweet and happy little girl who’s face lights up when her Mommy enters the room. She has the exact same “scoot” that my little William does, which is somewhere between a crawl and a walk. She takes throwing a ball very seriously and has quite the arm on her. She likes to get a good workout by going up and down the stairs and is rather pleased with all her efforts, she also thinks her big brother Casey is very cool! Casey who is three and a half is such a sweet good natured little boy and is so much fun to be around. His laughter and enthusiasm for life is very contagious. He loves to play and be silly and has what sounds like an English accent which is rather weird as no one in his family apparently sounds anything like this – ha ha! He loves to wrestle with his Daddy and seems to love any sport that there is. He will be training up baby Anna at T-ball pretty soon I think. He loves to bounce on his bed and read stories with his Mommy and Daddy.

Casey and Anna are blessed with doting parents that love to spend time as a family. I hope you enjoy looking at their pictures and if you live in Snohomish or the Greater Seattle area and would like me to document your own family, I would be honored to do so.

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  1. SammieB says:

    I adore these types of family sessions and are usually what I opt for when scheduling sessions for my own family. It’s true, everyone is so much more comfortable and the expressions they give are often more relaxed and natural. It really allows for kid’s true personalities to shine! Beautiful work.

  2. Emily says:

    These are fun and so real! Great photos.

  3. Alex says:

    Love this session, Joanna! Such authentic and beautiful moments captured! Just perfect 🙂

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