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4 Reasons Why You Need a Day-Of Coordinator

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Four reasons you need a Day-Of Coordinator | Joanna Monger Photography

Are you planning your own wedding? If so, a day-of coordinator is a must, and there are four very good reasons why they’re lifesavers worth having around. Please read on to learn who they are and exactly why you need one.  I promise, hiring a day-of coordinator may be one of the smartest decisions you make about your big day.

What is a Day-of Coordinator?

Some couples opt to plan their wedding themselves, either to maximize their budget or to have ultimate creative control.  DIY weddings can be so rewarding as they come together.  However, if you are going down the DIY route, hiring a day-of coordinator is an option you will want to consider. Unlike a full-on wedding planner, day-of coordinators don’t involve themselves in the design or planning of your wedding.  Instead, they are present during your wedding to offer management expertise and support.  This means that you, as a couple, can enjoy the planning phase.  On your big day, you can then hand over the reins to someone knowledgeable in implementing it.  It’s hard to place a full value on that until you’re in the moment, needing help.  Here’s my list of top four reasons why having a day-of coordinator is so important:

1. They problem solve so you don’t have to.

Kinks always, always happen.  Sometimes the kinks are small issues. Sometimes they’re quite big.  With the right day-of coordinator, however, you may not even realize a problem exists because they’ve solved it before you’ve had a chance to notice.  Whether it’s ensuring a guest is seated correctly, assisting someone from the wedding party to their proper place, or managing the timeline when things are spiraling off track, it is really reassuring to have a go-to person that’s handling all of the fine details.  The day-of coordinator is present from start to finish directing set up, the ceremony and reception, the toast, special dances, and tear down, etc. Even if your venue provides its own staff, it’s important to remember that their staff’s goal is to support the venue’s needs—not necessarily the needs of the couple getting married.

2. They’ll lead your wedding team, bringing your vision to life.

If you’re planning your own wedding, this also means that your vendors were hand-chosen by you. They may not have worked together before.  As they arrive, your vendors will need a point-of-contact to check-in with.  As the day progresses, they will also need someone available to help problem solve and ask questions of.  No one wants to interrupt a couple during their first dance because there’s an issue at the bar.  Personally, I appreciate having a go-to person.  It allows me to completely focus on the reason I was hired, to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding.  It’s important that your vendors also have someone to help facilitate communication with each other—like your caterer and servers, for example.  A day-of coordinator is skilled at ensuring each vendor works as a collective team by gathering everyone on the same page in support of your vision.

3. They allow you to focus on the moment & each other.

The point of a wedding is to celebrate the love between two people. Think about it.  On the day of your wedding, do you really want to spend your time assembling centerpieces or fretting about each detail?  Do you want your loved ones to?  Planning a wedding is hard work.  When it comes around, it’s so important to finally relish it.  This is your day, after all.  As corny as it sounds, you truly only get this opportunity once with each other.  Hiring a day-of coordinator allows you the chance to enjoy it.  It also allows your loved ones to do the same.

4. They’ll wrap up once it’s over.

Consider all of the moving parts that are coming together to complete your wedding—the decorations, equipment, and various rentals such as chairs, tables, tablecloths, tableware, etc. Combined, it will be enough to fill a U-Haul.  Let’s face it, cleaning up after a wedding is not fun.  I wish it could all simply disappear with a magical wand, but someone must empty the venue of these things.  Hopefully that someone isn’t you.  Tear down often goes late into the night, and it’s exhausting.  On top of that, most venues expect that afterwards, surfaces are wiped, floors are swept and mopped, and all trash is emptied.    Wouldn’t it be much nicer to immediately leave for the hotel after the reception, knowing that it’s all being cared for by your day-of coordinator?  Your loved ones will appreciate being able to stumble home after a night of celebrating as well.  Trust me.

How I can help:

Part of what I adore about working in the wedding industry is being a resource to you, my clients.  I want to caution that hiring the right day-of coordinator is just as important as making the decision to have one.  In my opinion, choosing the wrong person is worse than going solo.  This is where I’m happy to help.  If you’re searching for a day-of coordinator, I’d love to offer suggestions that’ll make your day easier.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your big day, and cheers to a smooth, stress-free wedding!

Four reasons you need a Day-Of Coordinator | Joanna Monger Photography

Four reasons you need a Day-Of Coordinator | Joanna Monger Photography

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