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Snohomish & Seattle Lifestyle Documentary Family Photography

For me photography isn’t just about documenting the big milestones and rites of passage in your lifetime, but a form of documenting the beauty in the everyday. 

What may seem mundane to us today, we will someday look back at longingly and wish we could see and experience that once again. I love being able to record the quiet (or not so quiet) moments that happen during your everyday and save them for you to cherish later.

If you would like to document your life as it is now; real, authentic and raw, then I would love to be your photographer and help you preserve your memories. If you would prefer cheesy grins and perfect matching shirts then I am probably not the one for you. Drop me a line and let’s talk more about your family and what makes you special.

Documentary Family Photo shoots start at $500. Please contact me for more information.

Snohomish & Seattle Lifestyle Documentary Family Photography - FAQs

How long are sessions?

Sessions tend to be between one and two hours depending on how the little ones are doing. I like to play with the children and get to know them a little before bringing out my camera. It helps make them feel comfortable plus I love playing with kids :) A huge bonus of photographing in your home is that the children (and parents) are normally much more at ease and so the photography shoot goes much more smoothly. 

What do we actually do during a documentary photo shoot? My life is kind of boring!

I know what you mean, our everyday can seem very mundane, but in 5 or 10 years down the road we won't feel that way. As a Mom I know when my little ones are grown up I will truly miss the crazy bath times, the snuggles on the sofa, the pillow fights, baking cookies together, bedtime books and all the other million things we do as parents. I strongly believe these moments deserve more attention than just the odd fleeting iPhone picture. By inviting me into your home I will provide you with a snapshot of your family how it is right now and you will have this to cherish when you little ones aren’t so little anymore.

My home is a mess can we photograph somewhere else?

We can, but if your children are really little I highly recommend doing it in your home. Your house does not need to be immaculate, we just need a few places that are clutter free. Life with children is not like living in a show room and that IS part of your (our) life right now so we can embrace that too. If it is nice weather some photographs in your backyard too if the weather allows us to.

What age do you suggest we photograph our brand new baby?

Any age is fine with me. It’s not like a traditional studio based newborn session when getting the baby photographed during the first 10 days is pretty crucial. If I were to choose, I would suggest about 3 weeks of age is a good time. My reasons are that your baby is awake for longer periods of time and is starting to make eye contact and we can get more diverse pictures. Not just cute sleeping baby. Another really important factor in my three week suggestion is that as new parents it’s hard to get anything done in those first two weeks, plus as a mom you need to time to feel human again. Bringing a human into the world is no easy feat and having a little bit of time to get used to your new crazy life is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

Do you do any “more traditional” family photographs?

Whilst they are not my favorite kinds of photos to make, I will try and sneak a few traditional - everyone looking at the camera - kind of shots in too. I know people want a few of them too. 

How far do you travel for family documentary shoots?

I am based in Monroe in Snohomish county but travel all over for family documentary shoots. There is no travel fee for shoots within 40 miles of 98272.