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Engagement & Couples Photography - Snohomish & Seattle

I love photographing couples in love during their engagement shoot. It is a great time to hang out, get to know each other better and also create some beautiful artwork for your home. Let’s face it not many people love having their photos taken or have much experience being in front of a professional photographer. After your engagement shoot I am confident that you will realize it’s not that scary and my laid back shoots really capture who you are as a couple and will give you precious memories to keep forever. It’s one less thing to worry about as your wedding day comes closer.

I truly believe that love is love. LGBT couples are very much welcomed here.

My rates for a couples or engagement shoot start at $500. Some of my wedding packages include an engagement shoot or you are welcome to add one onto an existing package if you prefer. Please contact me for more information and we can help tailor my photography to your needs.

Engagement & Couples Photography - FAQs

Do we really need to do an engagement shoot?

No you don’t need to do one, but it is nice. It’s a great way for us to get to know each other better. It helps me get to know how to best photograph you before your wedding day and it helps you to know how I do my thing. Kind of a run through with no pressure. By the time your wedding comes along, you wont need to give your photography a second thought. You will know I have it covered and that I will make you look fabulous. Plus it’s lovely to have some photographs with you and your loved one not in your bridal attire, in a more relaxed atmosphere and in a location that we might not be able to access on your wedding day. Can I go straight into a wedding without having done your engagement photographs? I certainly can, but my preference whenever possible is to do an engagement shoot before hand. 

I am really nervous about being photographed, help!

Don’t worry this is totally normal! I feel the same way when I am on the other side of the lens. I know it’s easier said then done, but try to relax and have faith in me. No stuffy weird posing here, just the two of you being yourselves. It will not be as bad as you think I promise!! 

Do you have suggestions for what we should wear for our engagement photos?

I have lot of suggestions about this and we will talk in length about what looks good to the camera and what doesn’t. I want you to look like the best version of you, not someone from a magazine that doesn’t resemble you. I do have a some tips that will make you shine though :) 

Where should we have our engagement photos taken near Seattle?

I have a gazillion suggestions of great locations in and around Seattle for your engagement photos. You can see the photo gallery which has examples and we will talk in length about you as a couple and come up with the perfect spot just for you.

Most of your work is out in nature by rivers, beaches or mountains - will you photograph us in the city instead?

You are right in that I LOVE photographing out in nature. It is what truly inspires me. I started off as a landscape photographer and now I like to combine that with my love of photographing people. That being said, I like to mix things up now and again and I am totally open to photograph you in an urban location if that’s what you would prefer.

How can we make our engagement session unique?

By thinking about what makes you unique as a couple will help to make your engagement photographs unique. What do you like to do together on you days off? Do you have a favorite secret spot you like to go to? Does one of you play a musical instrument? Do you have a boat or access to one? Do you know someone who has killer views somewhere? Are you bike fanatics? Ice cream lovers?… I will get to know you both and we will make your photographs as special and as different as the two of you are. 

Can we go hike somewhere cool for our photographs?

Um yes! Did you really need to ask that? 

We are already married, can we do an anniversary shoot?

I love doing anniversary shoots. In fact I have a lot of clients that like to come back after they have got married each year for photographs. If they have their own families together they come back to have them documented too. I love watching couples love grow through the years and families expand.

We are getting married out of state and we would love you to photograph our engagement photos here without doing the wedding. Is this possible?

Yes I do photograph stand alone engagement shoots. Some couples are either getting married out of the country or state and I cannot always photograph them or some people fly in for a weekend just to have their engagement photographs made here in the PNW. I am happy to talk about either option. I do have rather limited availability for weddings out of state while I have such young children, but it is always worth an ask. This girl LOVES to travel :)