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Whether it's your groom getting all misty eyed when he sees his love for the first time on your wedding day, or the impromptu father of the bride’s toast, emotions are what draw me to photography. My non-intrusive photojournalistic approach to wedding photography enables me to tell your story by capturing authentic moments through my lens and preserving them for you to relive over and again.

I photograph families in a similar way. I no longer offer newborn or family sessions in my studio, they are all created at a place special to you, whether that’s your home or your favorite place to walk on a Sunday morning, your photos will be as special and as unique as your family is. If you are wanting big cheesy grins and matching outfits then I am not the photographer for you. If you want to remember the size of your daughter’s hand compared to her Daddy’s as they eat ice cream together on the beach, or how your brand new baby does that cute nose scrunch, or how your eldest looks at his new brother with both fear and pride then I may be the photographer for you. Emotions and real moments are what I live to photograph. 

When I’m not taking photographs you’ll find me in the backyard with my two little boys and baby daughter searching for bugs, paddling in the river or growing vegetables for our family’s dinner.

I’m an English girl through and through. I spent the first 25 or so years of my life living in Sussex and Cornwall, where I was a high school French teacher. We made the move over here to the States in 2009 two weeks after we married and I absolutely love it. Well, I obviously miss my friends and family, but I love the PNW. I feel at home being out in nature, hiking and finding adventures - I really don’t think there’s a better place to do that.

I would love to get to know you and talk about your upcoming wedding or your beautiful family. Drop me a line and we can get together for a cup of tea (or something stronger) and a chat!

Still want to know more about me... keep scrolling down for some random facts :

Some of my favorite things:

A good cup of English breakfast tea with milk. To be consumed at all times of day not just for breakfast.

Hiking - The PNW is an amazing place to live and explore, I am so lucky to call this place my home.

The water - I used to be a river guide in the south of France, I love kayaking and canoeing and everything to do with the water. Unfortunate fact - I’m an absolute wimp at getting into a “cold” swimming pool though.

Camping - I love being in the great outdoors with my family. My boys force me to slow down and enjoy all the wonders of outside. I make a mean campfire stew too. If you come camping with me I’ll show you my amazing version of smores, well they are nothing like smores actually, but they are just as good. (Hint - they involve chocolate and a banana)

Sandwiches - My husband laughs at me and says if it wasn’t for him and the kids I would live on sandwiches and tea. I can think of worse things :)

Traveling - Before children I had the traveling bug pretty bad. My parents though I’d never settle down, now they are wishing I hadn’t settled down over 4000 miles away from home, sorry Mum! Countries I’ve lived for some period of time - England - obviously, France, New Zealand, Costa Rica. I’ve visited over 25 countries some of my favorites include Argentina, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Bolivia, China, Indonesia. Actually I love everywhere I’ve been for different reasons.

Birth Centers, midwives, doulas - any proponents for natural birth are my people.

Pasture raised steak (I was a vegetarian for over 7 years, now I’m back on the wagon) We raise a lot of our own meat and vegetables. Well my husband does most of the work. I like to go out in the garden and gorge myself on raspberries, strawberries and blueberries straight off the plants.

Things I don’t love



Weird coffee drinks with strange flavors - sorry Seattle!

People that air their dirty laundry on social media

Selfie sticks

Horror films

Wet socks - Aahhh!

Having to put on an American accent so that Siri understands me.