Seattle & Snohomish Wedding Photographer - Joanna Monger Photography

Snohomish & Seattle Wedding Photographer - Joanna Monger

I am so thankful to be a full time Seattle & Snohomish wedding photographer. My favorite thing about photographing weddings is probably that there are so many emotions present on a wedding day and I love to document these in a photo journalistic way. Plus I absolutely LOVE seeing men get emotional (in a happy way) and teary eyed and weddings are often just the ticket for this :) 

I am often asked what kind of weddings are my favorite to photograph and my answer is always the same. I love weddings where people are truly happy and emotive. It really doesn’t matter to me where the venue is, it is more about capturing the love between two people and the support and love being poured onto the couple by their family and friends. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I love having a chance to photograph a newly married couple in a beautiful setting too. Maybe we sneak away for some sunset photos in the woods, by a river, up a mountain or in a field. Two happy people in love in a beautiful setting in the PNW that’s what makes my creative brain really get fired up :) 

My philosophy when it comes to photographing weddings is that I like to document the majority of the day in a photo journalistic way, documenting your wedding day as it unfolds without a whole lot of posing and direction. Weddings are fun, emotional, crazy, hectic, beautiful and a million other things and it is my job to document this for you to keep forever and to share with your children and their children too. There are parts of the day when I get more involved with directing, but it is very important to me that the photos still look very natural and you really recognize yourselves in your photos. By the time your wedding rolls around I will know the two of you very well, through our consults in my office, numerous emails and the engagement shoot. I have a very good idea at this point how to show your personalities through my photographs and it so fun to piece everything together on your wedding day and create amazing photographs that you will love and want to hang on your walls for the rest of your lives. < No pressure, ha ha!

I am very thankful to live in an area where same-sex couples can legally be married. I truly believe that love is love and I am honored when I am approached by LGBTQ couples who would like their love documented.

Another wonderful thing that I love about being a wedding photographer is that I get to experience and learn about other religions and cultures. I have had the pleasure of photographing catholic, christian, jewish, pagan and many non-religious ceremonies. I love how every wedding is different and it’s so nice to work with couples and help them make their wedding plans reality. I am certainly no wedding planner (I have lots of wonderful Seattle and Snohomish wedding planner recommendations to share with you if you want them) but I am very involved with the whole process from the very first time we meet at the wedding consultation right through to your wedding day. I purposely only take on a limited amount of weddings per year so that I can provide this very personalized service that my clients have become used to and love.

This gallery is a compilation of some of my favorite photographs from weddings I have photographed over the past few years. I photograph all over Western Washington (and sometimes further) but the majority of my weddings are either in Snohomish or Seattle itself.

Some of the great Seattle Wedding venues and locations for bridal portraits you’ll see featured here include: Sodo Park, Pacific Tower, Arctic Club Hotel, Golden Gardens Bathhouse, Seattle Arboretum, Freemont Abbey Arts Center, Gasworks Park and Lincoln Park. 

Near Seattle there are so many lovely venues to get married at and some of the venues featured in this gallery include: Rosehill Community Center - Mukilteo, Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner, Craven Farms in Snohomish, The Grand Ballroom in Centralia , Lighthouse at Mukillteo, Farm Kitchen - Poulsbo and quite a few private residences in Leavenworth and Snohomish. 

There are also a few photographs of out of state weddings and elopements in this gallery in Hawaii and California. I don’t photograph many weddings out of state because of my family commitments, but it is always worth an ask if you are interested!

In Spring of 2016 I was honored to be named as one of the top ten Best of Western Washington Wedding Photographers. Happy clients are always my top priority and one that I take very seriously, but an award here or there certainly doesn’t hurt does it?! If you are looking for one of the best wedding photographers in the Snohomish and Seattle area, please contact me and I would love to give you details of my services. Congratulations on your engagement!